KMS Auto Net is recognized as the most effective and secure activator for Microsoft products.

KMSAuto is a special software activation application from Microsoft. You can activate Office applications and the Windows operating system. The principle of operation is the same as that of the Kmspico activator. The program automatically selects the activation method for Microsoft products. A script is created in the task scheduler to check the license. This script checks the license status once a month.

kmsAuto Net Exe

The first priority activation method is to install a virtual server on your computer. This server pretends to be a Microsoft server. He is responsible for the digital signature of the license.

At the moment, KMSAuto is the most up-to-date activator. It is this program that you should choose to activate the latest products from Microsoft. A large number of additional functions are perfect for experienced users. And beginners will be able to activate automatically without any problems.

KMS Auto operating

This method is used by default and opens in the mode selection window. It can be reset by selecting other KMS operating modes and then returning the auto mode. As a result, it will start a repeated search for the optimal options for obtaining the key.

The automatic activation confirmation function is also performed. Thanks to Kms auto, the user does not need to remember that it is necessary to re-obtain a license every 25 days – the program will perform all actions automatically. If you want to open the menu with additional settings, go to the “About” tab and click on the “Professional Mode” button. List of all programs KMS.

List of programs that KMSAuto can activate

Due to its help, you can activate:
Microsoft Office20102013201620192021
Microsoft Windows OSWin 7Win 8Win 8.1Win 10Win 11
Microsoft Windows Server OSServer 2008Server 2012Server 2012 R2Server 2019Server 2021
Available in 2 versions: for x64 and x86(32) bit systems.

System requirements

  • OS: Win 7 / Win 11
  • Platforms.NET Framework 4.5
  • Suspending antivirus.

Advantages of KMSAuto

  1. No internet connection is required for kms-activation.
  2. The KmsAuto is completely free.
  3. Activator does not change the system files and registry of the operating system.
  4. You can always roll back the result.
  5. Intuitively explicit interface of the auto activator.

Disadvantages of KMSAUTO

  • Antivirus programs classify the activator as a crack.

Instructions for automatic activation of Windows or Office

  1. Launch the activator program and click the “ACTIVATION” button.

    Kms auto Step 2

  2. Depending on which product you want to activate, click the appropriate button. There are two buttons to choose from: “Activate Windows” and “Activate Office”.

    Kms auto Step 1

As you can see, the activation procedure does not require any knowledge of programming and so on. Anyone can do this. In 99% of cases, these steps are enough to activate Microsoft products successfully. Next, the KMSAuto program installs the utility utility in the Windows Services panel. This utility will be responsible for reactivation every month automatically. After that, you can delete the KMSAuto EXE file.

If automatic activation does not start

  1. Open Professional Mode.
  2. Click on “Utilities”.
  3. Install the GVLK key for the existing version of Windows.
  4. Reactivate the system.


What is better to choose to activate Microsoft products KMSpico or KMSAuto?

The choice between KMSpico and KMSAuto for activating Microsoft products depends on personal preference and compatibility. It’s like choosing between two flavors of ice cream – both can satisfy your activation cravings, so go with the one that suits your taste and system requirements.

Why does Ratiborus, the author of the KMSAuto++, distribute it for free?

Ratiborus, the generous creator of the KMSAuto++, distributes it for free to make activation accessible to everyone. It’s like a philanthropic act in the digital world, spreading activation goodness without expecting anything in return.

Why does my antivirus swear at the KMS Auto program?

Your antivirus may swear at the KMS Auto program because it detects it as a potential threat due to its nature of modifying system files for activation purposes. It’s like a vigilant guardian protecting your system from any potential risks, even if it misunderstands the harmless intentions of our activation hero.

How do I open the archive with the KMSAuto NET activator program?

To open the archive with the KMSAuto NET activator program, it’s as simple as unzipping a present on your birthday. Just use a file archiving tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip, and with a few clicks, the KMSAuto program will be ready to unleash its activation magic upon your system.

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