Saavn app free download for windows

Saavn app is a music streaming app that offers more than 10 million songs in 11 languages. App is developed in India. This product is widely used in India. The application has an adaptive structure and is optimized for Windows, supports Live tile functionality. Over the past year, this application has become one of the most popular in the music industry.

saavn app for windows

In the database of the Saavn there are the following categories of music

  • new releases
  • new items and trends
  • charts and playlists
  • moods
  • genres

The database contains more than 10 million songs.

Features will be added in the coming months

  1. Social
  2. App Pro
  3. Radio 

The following functions are available to users of the Saavn

  • music player
  • background mode
  • download music
  • phonetic song search
  • streaming with dynamic speed

App for Windows is launched as a universal application with adaptability for desktops and tablets. The mobile app will be available in 2023.   

Additional application features

  • own playlists
  • choice of mood and genre of the song
  • choice of several languages
  • own music search

Saavn social features will be launched in the coming months

  1. ability to tag a user
  2. the ability to communicate online
  3. the ability to subscribe to the user and share their records

Download Saavn for windows

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