Notepad++ for Windows

Notepad++ is a well—known text document editor, an excellent alternative to the usual built-in notepad. This software product is suitable even for professionals, and not exclusively for novice users. App can be downloaded for free. The editor supports more than 20 formats. Each format has its own structure and highlighted code. It is very convenient to edit the program code in this application.

Notepad++ for Windows

Key features of Notepad++

  • highlighting the text and the availability of collapsing blocks, in accordance with the syntax of a specific programming language;
  • compatibility with a huge number of programming languages;
  • you see the result of your work, it is displayed immediately after entering the characters;
  • user sets up the text highlighting mode by himself;
  • program offers to automatically finish entering words by offering options on the principle of t9;
  • simultaneous interaction with a large number of files;
  • simultaneous viewing of multiple files;
  • availability of frequently used Search/Replace expressions;
  • you can move parts of the text.

Program Features

The Notepad+ text editor is based on a special powerful layout element designed to maximize the speed of work, but at the same time it has minor requirements for the system resources of your PC, interacts with the syntax of almost all known programming languages with appropriate text highlighting.

Disadvantages of the program

Notepad does not support large files. If the file size is more than 300 megabytes, then problems may arise.

The editor runs on all versions of the Windows operating system (11, 10, 8, 7, XP). The main thing is that the Windows operating system is activated.

Download Notepad for Windows

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