OpenOffice for Windows

OpenOffice is a package of applications for working with documents. You can download the program for free for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS. The basic package includes programs that allow you to organize a full-fledged workflow without purchasing paid software. A great alternative to paid applications. The application is open source.

OpenOffice for windows

OpenOffice Components

a word processor with the ability to format documents and customize styles;
a tabular processor in which you can make automatic calculations and build complex diagrams;
Impress application for creating customizable charts, including with the effect of transitions;
Base package – database management system;
Open Office Draw vector editor.
In addition, the standard package includes an editor for the source code of web pages and software for creating and modifying mathematical formulas. Common components for all applications are a startup acceleration tool and a macro recording system.

Program interface

The OpenOffice package will not cause difficulties for those who are used to working with Microsoft Office, since the interface and functionality are very similar. The set of tools is slightly different, but the differences are more of a visual nature. Of the disadvantages of the office package, it is possible to distinguish not always fast work

The program will not be able to fully replace the latest versions of Microsoft Office. So you’d better think about activating MS Office.

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