Microsoft Office Excel Viewer

Microsoft Office Excel Viewer is a compact and very useful program that will help users view spreadsheets created in the famous spreadsheet editor — MS Excel. The utility has excellent compatibility, so it supports dozens of different proprietary extensions, without any technical limitations for the user.
If you do not have Excel installed, then you can download the Office, activate it and you will have access to the MS Excel program.

Microsoft-Office-Excel-Viewer for windows

About the Microsoft Office Excel Viewer program

The main advantage of the application is its convenience and compactness, because if it is available, you will not need to install the full version of the program — Microsoft Office Excel. Moreover, in addition to viewing tables, here they can be quickly adjusted for printing documents.

Additional features

Separately, it is worth noting the presence of the function of copying individual fragments of projects, or the entire contents of ready-made documents. Also, to view the data, you will have several modes available that allow you to wrap text, change the orientation of the page, and much more.

Advantages of the utility

  • A practical tool for viewing spreadsheets in MS Excel format;
  • Extensive support for proprietary extensions;
  • The ability to work correctly without having a full version of the installed application — Microsoft Office Excel;
  • Multiple data viewing modes;
  • The ability to copy the contents of documents or individual fragments;

It’s worth remembering that this is not a full-fledged Excel document editor.

You can download the program for free from the official website of the developers.

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