Driver Magician for Windows

Driver Magician is an application for the production of spare copies of drivers and facilitating the resumption of their work. In addition, the program is able to make backup copies of favorites, catalog, registrar My documents and Desktop. You can download the Driver Magician portable utility in on this website.

driver-magician for windows

About the Driver Magician program

In the settings, it is possible to set the archiving of information in an exe file or installer. You will have to search for drivers for a long time when updating equipment and system, just use this program.

The utility will see the marked drivers itself and resume their work independently. You can use the program without special knowledge. In addition to drivers, the utility can save a folder of documents, Desktop, mail, directory, user entries, a selected list in the browser, and more.

Program Features

Sets the availability and characteristics of equipment in the system.
Finds suitable drivers from the hard disk and repeats them by location, according to your desire.

Work with drivers should be done carefully, as this may lead to a failure of your computer’s performance.

You will restore all the drivers after reinstalling the system, as the program will save them to a special area of the hard disk. And after restarting the system, all drivers will start on the computer again. Driver Magician lite includes a catalog of driver data. This saves you a lot of time.

Download Driver Magician

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