What is the process aomhost64.exe in the Windows Task Manager?

aomhost64.exe – this is a process related to the Zoom app. This process is responsible for the video conference. Therefore, it always consumes a lot of operating system resources. If you find this process on your computer, then don’t worry. It’s not a virus. It’s just that you have the Zoom application running on your computer. To get rid of the process aomhost64.exe you need to shut it down via the Task Manager or remove Zoom from your computer.

aomhost64 in Win

Where is the aomhost64.exe file located in the system?

most often the file can be found in this folder:

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud–based program for conferences around the world. It became very popular after the general pandemic. Schools and institutes have switched to this platform. The service developed very quickly. At the moment, about 250 million users around the world use this service every day.

Download Zoom and aomhost64.exe

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