What is the process in the task manager edpa exe?

When we see an unfamiliar process in the task manager, we immediately become alarmed. After all, there is a possibility that an unfamiliar process is a computer virus. Sometimes it happens. But edpa exe is not a virus.

edpa exe for windows

About Epda exe

Process edpa.exe This is part of the Symantec Management Agent (Altiris Agent) software, which is developed by Symantec. Edpa exe is not a virus program. This process can be disabled since it is not mandatory for Windows and will not lead to any critical errors.

What is the Symantec Management Agent program?

Symantec Management Agent is an application that provides cloud management services for computers.

The Symantec Management Agent program provides communication between the notification server and computers that are connected over a local network.
The agent is available for Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X platforms.

What is the Edpa.exe process responsible for?

Edpa.exe also known as the “Endpoint Agent” program, a utility that is responsible for collecting system information.

Download Altiris Agent and epda.exe for Windows

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