ZModeler for Windows

ZModeler 3 is a free application used to work with 3D models of low level of detail. It works on Windows platforms.

ZModeler 3 for windows

Main features

  • Creating 3D models.
  • Changing ready-made objects.
  • Creation and modification of vehicles for computer games.
  • Integration with “GTA5” and “Need For Speed”.
  • Support for the grid function for high-quality creation of objects.
  • Creating copies of objects for accelerated model development.
  • Working with lighting.
  • Support for the “Texture Mapping” function.
  • Export and import files.
  • Undo action function.
  • Switching the object to day and night modes.
  • Creating a background for comfortable work on the project.
  • Support for intuitive scaling in all directions while maintaining proportions.

Convenience and interface

The application interface is clear. After launching the program, 4 areas open in which the user can work with 3D models:

  • The toolbar.
  • The logs window.
  • The content area of the scene.
  • A set of basic functions.

If desired, you can adjust the number of windows, modify the function and toolbars by adding or removing components.

For familiarization, the “skeleton” is built into the application, but it is recommended to disable it, since it additionally loads the hardware of the personal computer.

For convenience, you can change the background fill color. This function does not affect the project, but is necessary only for comfortable work.

The “highlight” of the program is giving realism to a 3D object by selecting and adjusting the illumination by the Sun. Supports night and day lighting mode. The application also allows you to use point light sources (lanterns, poles, etc.). Thanks to the shadow color selection function, you can make a unique fantastic object.

It is easy to master the application, because you can find a lot of training material on the Internet. 


  • A free program.
  • The application does not require installation.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • A simple study of the basic features.
  • Working with lighting.
  • Import and export files to GTA5.
  • Working with textures.
  • Intuitive scaling.
  • High load on the hardware of a personal computer.
  • It is not suitable for creating objects with increased detail.


The application is popular due to a wide range of functions and a simple interface. It is not suitable for professional work with 3D models that have a high level of detail.

Download ZModeler for Windows

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